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Into the Breach out now!

Posted on: 2018-08-28 23:12:48
Into the Breach, the second indie-smash-hit by Subset Games (the first one of course being FTL) is out for Nintendo Switch now! In a surprise announcement Nintendo themselves announced the fan-favorite game to available right now during their Nindies showscase live stream.
External Link: Launch Trailer
Caligula Overdose in the works
Posted on: 2018-08-20 13:12:48
We’re proud to have once again partnered up with NISA to bring another game back to the fans. After Killer7 – currently in development – we are also working on Caligula Effect: Overdose for PC and Nintendo Switch.
8-Bit Armies gets a release date
Posted on: 2018-08-08 23:21:39
8-Bit Armies, the fantastic retro-styled RTS series by veteran developers Petroglyph Games will be released on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 21st 2018.
External Link: Release Trailer
Killer7 is BACK

Posted on: 2018-05-28 04:06:59
We are proud to announce that with NIS America Inc. we are bringing Suda51’s cult classic game Killer7 back to the players. We are currently in the process of remastering the game for release on Steam. Originally released for the GameCube and PlayStation 2, killer7 casts players as the titular assassin group as they try to take down the terrorist organization known as Heaven Smile.
External Link: Announcement Trailer

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